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Irrevocable Rescindment Action has been officially irrevocably taken by and via us at Cabinet-Tactics as Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is still a substancial creditor pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth) and therefore formal action and the defeasaces process was taken by way of a 'Creditor's Irevocable Certificate of Rescindment'  thereby rescinding, doing away with and making null and voide from the 29 February 2016 and forward all of  the Commonwealth's purported Telstra 3 Share Float and that action was in good faith officially taken in the  court of jurisdiction as is officially issued and sealed on the 29 Day of February 2016.

Official Rescindment Action 
has thereby been taken against the Commonwealth of Australia and against its  corporately registered   COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA   the sellers and transferers of the invalid Telstra 3 Share Float Shares.

The Rescindment Action
was officially taken pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth). 

Please click on the above link word 'About' to be able to read the 'Irrevocable Certificate of Rescindment'.

We at Cabinet - Tactics  were unable to cut and paste a copy of the actual duly sealed version onto this site, so we have typed it as an unsealed copy into the above stated section. 

THE TURNBULL GOVERNMENT'S Cabinet Members have each been legally served on the 3 of March 2016 via the Hon. Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull MP himself via tracked EXPRESS POST.

The Turnbull Cabinet Members have thus far failed and breached their constitutional duty of care as they have contrary to law not yet called Trading Halt on all of Telstra Corporation Limited's Shares, not has the politically stacked ASIC, ACCC and or the ASX Limited but they have each been legally served.

BAD FAITH  BY CABINET MEMBERS, ASIC, the ACCC and by the ASX Ltd's strategically position officers, who are collectively and wrongfully acting with corrupt competing and conflicting loyalties.

Which competing wrongdoings is why a current Trading Halt has not yet occurred, but a TRADING HALT of TELSTRA SHARES is forthwith required by law until the Commonwealth of Australia and or its Washington DC USA Registered Corporation Limited called the: COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA.

Buy-Back of All Telstra 3 Shares
Now by law all must be fully bought-back as all Telstra 3 Shares were sold or dumped by sly under-handed fraud and which wrongdoings were and are contrary to law and the FUTURE FUND is harbouring those Telstra 3  proceeds of their insider Liberal Party of Australia Members Political Abuses of Public Office frauds and crimes of insider trading & market manipulation frauds and scams resulted in the proceeds of the Telstra 3 Floats being invalidly and corruptly put into the Future Fund by sneaky sleight of hand in 2006.

Please scroll down to read:
'Irrevocable Prerogative Writ of Commands'  as jurisdictionally awarded on the 18.02.2014

The 'Prerogative Writ' Commands for Payment to be paid in restitution of Property which is still fully owing to  Ivory plus all still accruing dividends and interest also still accruing and fully owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as an outstanding and omitted CoT Victim of Twenty Two (22+) Years of unlimited Public Funded Crimes and Wrongdoings, authorised and still being aided and abetted by past and present revolving Cabinet Members and by their past revolving Telstra Board Members who were each misacting as officers of the Commonwealth of Australia.

But in 2016 it still an accruing Public Debt that was fully omitted by Cabinet Members and by their appointed Board of Directors of Telstra from being disclosed within the Telstra 1, 2 & 3 Share Float Public Disclosures.   Concealing and Omitting from disclosing it   as an unfunded encumbrances and which are  jurisdictionally placed and officially recorded over all of the Commonwealth's 2006 held Telstra 3 Shares and thereby is an encumbrance over the proceeds of politically  converted Telstra 3 shares funds transferred unlawfully into the FUTRURE FUND.
The Howard Government's
Cabinet Member's did breach Criminal Law by politically and deliberately misusing and abusing their political positions of trust to criminally and strategically STACK & RIG ASIC, the ACCC and the ASX Limited which wrongdoings are not allowed by law; and were and still are unlawful and illegal tactics committed to illicit money-laundering and to tactically set-out to omit disclosures of a substantial outstaning CoT liability so as to mislead and deceive the MARKETS & INVESTORS in relation to the Commonwealth's purported Telstra 3 Share Float and which invalid-unlawful Telstra 3 float and its purported prospectus were each Officially Rescinded on 29.02.2016  ready for the Government of the day to now for and on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia to fully immediately buy-back at the very least all of entire Telstra 3 shares. 
Cabinet Members engaged in further White-Collar-Crimes by having and condoning intentionally and dishonestly for corruptly competing and conflicting loyalty White-Collar-Criminals to slyly and sneakily be strategically positioned so as to CORRUPTLY CONTROL the running of the ASX, ASIC and the ACCC in the lead up too, during and also after the Commonwealth of Australia's COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA INVALID from day one Telstra 3 Share Float. 

The Commonwealth's 2006 Telstra 3 invalid from day-one purported Prospectus was falsely and dishonestly published and misused to deliberately set-out to mislead and deceive the MARKETS GLOABALLY and to mislead and deceive all misinformed INVESTORS which is still  INVALID and UNLAWFULLY it still does NOT have any duly signed off and or any duly authorized SELLERS AUTHORIZATION PAGE published anywhere within it to be capable of having officially authorized and to have been capable of officially validating the content and context of disclosures deceptively and falsely made within the Commonwealth's Telstra 3 Share Float's purported but invalid public offer disclosure prospectus.

Thereby that INVALID purported Telstra 3 Prospectus Fraud and Deception on the part of Cabinet Members and on the part of all members of the Telstra Board of Directors as handpicked by Cabinet Members was unlawfully concealed by the CABINET MEMBER'S having engaged wilfully in perpetrating serious crimes of INSIDER TRADING AND MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS, RORTS AND SCAMS.

Resulting in Cabinet Members INSTITUTIONAL FRAUDS with serious GLOBAL FINANCIAL fall-outs, which will dwarf the Amercian, ENRON and WORLDCOM Scandals.

Deceptively investors were not in any way  treated fairly and or honestly by the Howard Coaltion Government or by any sides of politics ever since given our revolving Prime Ministers the current pre-selection process of selecting candidates to stand for election breeds such corruption in Governments by having lawyers selected wich is not allowed by the law as it breaches the Constitution. 

All current CABINET MEMBERS are hereby officially NOTICED that: 

Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is hereby claiming his right to PROTECTION by our current Cabinet Members and to be immediately now paid the 2005 Bill of Exchange's principal sum certain owing  plus compliance of its set-of financial instrument's accruing dividends and interest owing on the Telstra 3 Shares which accruing  restitution of Property  Ivory resultant by Ivory having been unlawfully and wrongfully forced to endure and suffer as a CoT Victim, resultant by Commonwealth Public Funded retainer bribes having been paid to avoid payment of this CoT outstanding and well overdue liability which largely occurred by way of corrupt Public Funded third party predatory wrongdoings, authorized by of our prior Cabinet Members since 1993 to 2016 and which public funde crimes maliciously inflicted further undue loss, injury & damage and also was increased by the prior Cabinet Members corruptly having STACKED ASIC, the ASX Limited, ACCC, ACMA, the TIO Limited and our prior Cabinet Member corruptly stacked strategic political and judicial appointments.

Notice to all of Our Politicians:

Dear ...

Greetings. We hope all's well with you and yours.

The Great Charter Constitution of 1215 binds the personnel and formulation of all British government legislation, including the Australian Act. Legally, the Articles of Common Law which comprise Magna Carta 1215 bind all British and Australian people and parliaments, and supersede Australian and British legislation if there is a conflict in the stipulations of statutes. The Australian Act requires to be "read with" the Great Charter: all the terms of the English Constitution apply to Australia in perpetuity or until such time as a specific plebiscite (not parliamentary legislation) revokes the Great Charter Constitution and the Australian Act).

The 1215 Great Charter Constitution is virtually immutable. This is because legitimate amendment to or repeal of any Article of Magna Carta may be effected only by the greatest mass of the total population actively authorising such in a plebiscite, with non-participation constituting a refusal, a ‘NO Vote’, in rejection of the plebiscite and proposed amendment. In any case, government, parliament / congress or legislature cannot, by legislative assertions, recite itself into constitutional power; see Chapter Three.

For a multiplicity of reasons, Trial by Jury is applicable in Australia and everywhere. It merely requires populations to insist upon its Restoration. See, for example, the secular moral grounds given in the article below which is extracted from DEMOCRACY DEFINED:

The Manifesto ISBN 978-1-902848-24-2.

Best wishes,

 Dishonest Institutional Fraud
 And Political Malicious Intent

The 1996 to 2007 Howard Coalition Government's 'Cabinet Members' did SCANDELOUSLY and intentionally chose to sneakily engage in White-Collar-Crimes .

By way of sly and behind-the-scenes' illicit crimes of dishonest and unlawful INSIDER TRADING AND MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS.

The Howard Coalition Government's Cabinet Members engaged in deliberate and fraudulently dishonest acts to ensure to manipulate the MARKETS in the Commonwealth's Telstra 3 invalid from day one purported share float. 

Cabinet Members forgery, omissions and failures to duly sign off in the Telstra 3 purported prospectus which was not duly signed off because of their illicit illegal price fixing rorts which wrongdoings were Cabinet Member engaged in and political endorsed wrongdoings not allowed by law so as to and which did falsely over-inflated the Commonwealth's Future Fund obtained converted and transfered proceeds of crimes from the Telstra 3 Share Prices obtained.

Therefore  the purported Telstra 3 float  proceeded invalidly from day one by way of pre-meditated intent by our scandalously dishonourable Howard Coalition Government's own Elected Cabinet Members by their scandelous political frauds and deceptions committed and covered-up by each past and present revolving Cabinet Member since at least 1997 to our 2016 current Government.

Which politically committed INVALID Telstra 3 Share Float was and is in breach of  ASIC'S own Corporate Laws and in treasonous contempt of the bills of exchange act 1909 (Clt). 

Cabinet Members politically deceive investors and the Markets and to also defraud Creditors in the lead-up too, during and since the Commonwealth of Australia's COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Telstra 3 invalid & dishonest purported Share Float.

Which Telstra 3 purported Share Float and it's purported Telstra 3 Prospectus have thereby both been fully rescinded on the 29th February 2016.

To illicitly pay-out public funded retiner bribes through Banks and Law Firms to officers of the courts to inexchange get them to dishonestly mislead the Courts to pervert and defeat the Course of Justice by-way of officers of the Commonwealth strategically and criminally having been tactically acting as a gang whose members do illegal things together is akin to illicit money-laundering and is unlawful and illegal.

Thereby ready for Telstra 3 Shares to now be fully all be bought back by the Commonwealth via the currently responsible and now legally bound  Turnbull Government of the day.

Framers of the Constitution
No matter if you do or do not agree with the Framers of the Constitution they did embed the following legal principles in constitution:
Hansard 1-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates


I think we might, on the attempt to found this great Commonwealth, just advance one step, not beyond the substance of the legislation, but beyond the form of the legislation, of the different colonies, and say that there shall be embedded in the Constitution the righteous principle that the Ministers of the Crown and their officials shall be liable for any arbitrary act or wrong they may do, in the same way as any private person would be.                     END QUOTE

The following will also make clear that the Framers of the Constitution intended to have CIVIL RIGHTS and LIBERTIES principles embedded in the Constitution:

HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates (Official Record of the Debates of the National Australasian Convention)

The protection of certain fundamental rights and liberties which every individual citizen is entitled to claim that the federal government shall take under its protection and secure to him.        

                                               END OF QUOTE
Australian Government      
Department of Finance and Administration    
Finance Circular
No. 2004/03
To all Agencies under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997
Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, Commercial Bills and Other Securities of a Similar Nature
To advise Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act) agencies of government policy in relation to promissory notes, bills of exchange, commercial bills and other securities of a similar nature.
Key points   
1.    Promissory notes, bills of

        exchange, commercial bills 
        and other securities of a
        similar nature affect the
        indebtedness of the
        Australian Government.
2.    Under the Administrative

         Arrangements Order, the
         Department of the Treasury
         has responsibility for
         borrowing money on the
         public credit of the
         Commonwealth and has in
         place standard debt
         issuance arrangements.

As a discriminated against Casualtyof Telecom - Telstra ("CoT") Victim, we do require to be treated constitutionally compliant & ethically by the 'Federal' or 'Commonwealth' Government & Agencies!

Please Note:
The content and context of this Cabinet - Tactics-Site is in good faith produced with no ill-will or hostility intent on our part!

When someone like Kenneth-Clyde Ivory starts a business and takes a financial risk, they do substancially invest and re-invest in not just their ideas, tranning, skills, expertice and their knowledge and know-how to 'invent' and succesfully perfect and create their own 'Intelectual Property' through to being very succesful and to succesful market proven fruitions and they do not financially put-in and invest both their time, money and assets to make it a market success, and so the various Government's of the day should or ought to be backing and suporting them but officers of the Commonwealth of Australia have INSTEAD  destroyed and predatory boycotted and defrauded them, their families, and have predatory boycotted to sabotage and cost Ivory his INVENTIONS Patent Protections in 93 Peace Treaty Countries to UNCONSIONABLY set-out to fully destroy not just Ivory but also their family's businesses nationally and globally as part of officers of the Commonwealth engaging in preditory debt restitution of Property avoidance tactics.

                                                      Because for the last 22+Years our revolving Goverment's Cabinet-Members have been
                                                      unconsionably boycotting and third party preditory sabotaging and destroying Ivory's life,
                                                      his families lives, and have fully destroyed Ivory's life and his Businesses and have by public
                                                      corrupt public funding of third party predators retained to instead defrauded, boycott and
                                                      robbed and defrauded Ivory out of his ability to have kept funding to be able to continued
                                                      to profit from his 'Patent Protections' his INVENTIONS had in 93 Peace Treaty Countries!

  So how did all this Political Skulduggery start and come-about?  You may be wondering!

All was White-Collar-Crime and White-Collar-Criminality & were both unconstitutionally and unconsionably engaged in by competing and conflicting loyalties of dual financial gains pocketed by strategic positioning of politically stacked and dishonestly corrupt officers of the Commonwealth of Ausralia seconded from major law firms to engage in revolving political party misconduct to tactically keep avoiding to pay fair and reasonably restitution of Property on just terms owing to Ivory, which Commonwealth liability all initially commenced over just a very simple initial situation  of Ivory's Solar-Mesh(R) businesses having been recklessly or predatorily supplied a 1800 prefix number that was either predatorily or systemically supplied by the Commonwealth of Australia via its agency Telecom - Telstra in 1993 in a totally not fit for purpose state for a prolonged period of time!    

         Yes, and did it all commenced from what intially was just an inadvertent 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault? 
                                                    Or did it all commence by Fraudulent Criminal Intent? 
Either way, why have officers of the Commonwealth ever since engaged in unconsionable predatory industrial boycotting and sabotage in breach of the laws of the Commonwealth?
Well, that unconsionable two (2+) plus decades of Political Skulduggery may beggar belief to some sceptics, but not to any Casualties of Telecom - Telstra  ("CoT" Victims) whose lives and livelhoods have been sabotaged and destroyed by Cabinet-Members allowing Commonwealth Public Funds to be misused to keep engaging in Unconsionable Predatory Boycotting by corruptly run Perpetrator law firms put on Public Funded retainers to Strategically engage in CORRUPT Systemic Fault Cover-Ups, by them acting in abuse of legal process as sneaky, sly, underground and behind-the-sceens, bribery, back-alley gangster style of blatant dishonesty and frauds, and which crimes are Criminal Acts committed by or for revolving but elected various parties lawyers who get themselves unconstitution elected as Cabinet Members, and which crimes have been unlawfully committed and are simply politically condoned CRIMINALITY by our revolving Political Party's Cabinet Members:


We at Cabinet - Tactics did not choose to become or to be called or to be deemed by the Commonwealth to be a Casualty of Telecom - Telstra ("CoT" Victim).

we at Cabinet - Tactics and Kenneth-Clyde Ivory did not ask to become a Casualty of Telecom - Telstra  ("CoT" Victim); and

We at Cabinet - Tactics are appauled at how our Elected and their selected and Publi Funded employed Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth (as we have found in Freedom of Information ("FOI") released internal Communications Ministerial documents) have been corresponding and unconsionably conspiring between themselves and with Senators and Ministers even in 2005/06 to falsely defame & to unconsionably be-little us by their dishonest Non-Elected smart alec officers of the Commonwealth who falsely asserted that Ivory is only a 'Wantabee CoT' despite the fact that fom well before the December 1996 Telstra 1 part privatisation legislation was passed in the Senate by officers and Senators Ministerially hiding, omitting and concealing to additionally disclose this outtanding CoT matter of Kenneth-Clyde Ivory from the rest of the voting Senators,  to unconsionably omitt from disclosing Ivory and his Solar-Mesh(R) Businesses who had been labled and branded by officers of the Commonwealth and by MSJ partners and by the Communications Minister as being CoT  Victims from well before the Telstra 1 part privatiation was passed in the Senate in 1996 by such dishonest and totally illegal criminality by Elected and by Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth .

We at Cabinet - Tactics did not choose to be politically mistreated and or to be by our Cabinet Members discriminated against a we have just because of the previous 'Federal' or 'Commonwealth' Governments having mistreated and defrauded us since 1993 by them having themselves internally in documents of officers of the the Commonwealth having labelled and branded us to be deemed by them and for us to be thereby unconsionably mistreated as being just another Casualty of Telecom -Telstra  ("CoT" Victim); as 

The truth is Telstra & Ministerial internal FOI documents do reveal that it was the Telstra CEO (Frank Blount's) own Office and the Communication Minister's own office as well a Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partner ("MSJ") Stephen John Mead who was also an officer of the Commonwealth acting from within Telecom-Telstra to create enough Public Fund to fund his MSJ partnership and who had each collusively Branded, Labelled and Named Kenneth Ivory and his Solar-Mesh(R) businesses to  be CoT victims; which

       * CoT terminology we were unaware of until 1999; and it was not until 2002 when we found out that we had been
          from 1993 internally  by them Labelled and Branded as CoT victims and had thereby been officially mistreated,
          abused and unconsionably defamed and defrauded simply because we were demmed to be  a Casualty of Telecom
          -Telstra resultant by our designated 1800 prefix number 1800 777 592 having been supplied to us in a not fit for
          purpose state for an unconscionably prolonged period of time from the first (1) day of September 1993 and forward.

     * Thereby we were forced to unconscionably endure their Public Funded crimes, criminality & maladministration.  

     * We in-hindsight were labelled and branded as being CoT Victims right back under Labor's KEATING GOVERNMENT. 

But, we at Cabinet-Tactics once upon-a-time actually had full trust placed in our elected officers of the Commonwealth.

We at Cabinet Tactics also use to have trust in OUR Public Funded non-elected officers of the Commonwealth of Australia, even when we first simply were forced to change-over from our Solar-Mesh(R) businesses 008 prefix Australia-Wide which had been well Advertised and was our designated incoming business 'old-analogue' (9) number's 008 telephone number, which 008 network was to be fully  withdrawn from service NETWORK-WIDE to  therefore be forcefully fully replaced from their old 088 prefix nubering range with the Commonwealth's Austel Agency instructed for all new 1800 prefix 'digital' ten (10) number numbers to be implimended, but it was supplied in a not fit for purpose state as our designated 1800 prefix new telephone number for culpably a prolonged period of time.

The resultant instigating liability commenced accruing from  the 1 September 1993 forced upon us but new replacement1800 prefix number which new 1800 777 592 number was supplied in a not fit for purpose state for an unjustifiable prolonged period of time.

Resulting in undue and adverse ongoing and still accruing substantial financial loss, injury and damage which has been unconsionably prolonged by internal officers of the Commonwealth having predatorily engaged in Public Funded unconsionable and dishonest breaches of our trust in them, by them collusively, dishonestly, frauduently and deceptively having had inflicted upon Ivory and Solar-Mesh (R) Businesses predatory boycotting since 1993 and which corrupt political misconduct continues even in July 2016. 

Had we been paid restitution for our Property back in 1994 as was first undertaken in about June 1994 via in-hindsight an extremely calculating and very dishonest officer of the Commonwealth who had been via Stanley Howard as the Chairman of his Mallesons Stephen Jaques law firm corruptly run partnership STEPHEN JOHN MEAD had been strategically and predatorily seconded by Telecom officers of the Commonwealth from on about the 15 May 1994 into Telstra to mishandle, avoid and cover-up our 1800 777 592 systemic fault liability owing to us by the Commonwealth's in those days owing via its Agency Telecom-Telstra Public Funds.

But the Commonwealth's Agency Telecom - Telstra's with its then revolving Board's of Directors they were each time strategically Politically sourced and appointed some with gross conflicts of interest and or with corrupt competing and conflicting loyalties and some were of the very low ilk like former lawyer and comedian Steve Vizard and Donald McKechnie etc, etc.

Who were strategically politically selected and positioned by Cabinet Members to allow the Telstra Board to collectively perpetrate and conceal their Insider -Trading-Frauds, as that was their role and job as directors to engage in such deceitful culture as the Board of Telstra during the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, 2 and 3 purported Telstra Share Floats, so Cabinet Members were in effect SHADOW DIRECTORS of Telstra and the Telstra Board were the puppets for the Cabinet Members who had been appointed by Cabinet Members to do what they wre told to get the Commonwealth's Telstra Share sold or dumped at any cost by destroying CoT Victims.

The Telstra Board's Deceitful Tactics  were as officers of the Commonwealth were covered-up by Cabinet Members and by other officers of the Commonwealth who had thereby been each strategically positioned to be protected by their collusive corporate and political sneaky and corrupt staking of ASIC and of the ACCC and of the ASX Limited, to be able to each be protected by each other resulting in more and more competing and conflicting loyalty stacked and very dishonourable and dishonest officers of the Commonwealth who had been each politically chosen and strategically positioned to cover-up their White-Collar-Criminality as outlined herein in good faith. 

An ability to be dishonest must have been a  prior determined 'condition' of the Howard Coalition Government, and of the Rudd Government, Gillard Government, as well as of the Rudd Government number two and also of the Abbott Coalition Government and so far nothing has changed yet under and or by the Turnbull Coalition Government in 2016. 

Moreover they were each also politically protected by competing and conflicting loyalty lawyers who were politically handpicked by Cabinet Members so as to misrun and to thereby corrupt and infect the Commonwealth's Various Infiltrated Departments who misacted as dishonest and dishonourable Advisors and corrupted Chief's-of-Staff positioned by the implicated law firms to ensure they would in exchange falsely or unconscionably, dishonestly or incorrectly instruct the Ministers of the Commonwealth of Australia and their non-eleted officers of the Commonwealth for the collateral gains of their former fellow law firm mates to keep profiting. 

The resultant adverse effect was gross political misconduct and serious wrongdoings of White-Collar-Crime and Political INSIDER TRADING AND MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS being perpetrated to keep concealing and deflecting attention away from the Commonwealth's 1800 prefix systemic faults liabilities owing.

So Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is still a fully outstanding and politically discriminated against and a left-out Commonwealth of Australia Casualty of Telecom - Telstra "CoT" victim of the Commonwealth and of its Agencies and also and more so of its Public Funded legal profession Servants and Agents having strategically and criminally boycotted and predatorily failed to provide our Solar-Mesh(R) Sun Control Device Businesses with any 1800 Prefix Number in a fit for purpose state for a prolonged period of time todate which for now so far is about for the last twenty two (22+) years.

Because still that 1800 777 592 number in 2016 is not yet fit for purpose when dialled,.

Because the 1800 777 592 number was unlawfully taken right out of service and was fully and unlawfully withdrawn by orders given by a very dishonest MSJ Partner one totally corrupt Stephen John Mead who was at the same time a dual income competing and conflicting loyalty Telecom - Telstra officer of the Commonwealth creating a Pipe-Line of Public Funds for his own MSJ Partnership, designed to dual profit himself from the proceeds of his & of his MSJ partner's collusive CoT mishandling Crimes perpetrated predatorily in this CoT matter from  about the 15 May 1994 forward!  The first 1800 prefix systemic fault was net work conditioned in the Salsibury Queensland Exchange on 31 May 1994, only from that network conditioning did it start to ring but it could not be answered due to insufficient computer billing system in the exchange having insufficient capacity even after being network conditioned.     

We do now understand some of the many strategic problems of trying to deal amicably with untrustworthy competing and conflicting loyalty and strategically infiltrated legal profession dishonest Agency officers of the Commonwealth can be very draining, but in latter times some very nice people have started to replace the others.  But a lot like Josh Frydenberg MP and Paul Fletcher MP are now elevated to be purportedly Elected officers of the Commonwealth, due to shonky or dubious pre-selection situations, but what can We the People expect with the current President of the Liberal Party of Australia being of the very low ilk of the former Communications Minister during the Telstra 1 and 2 share floats Senator Richard K. Alston who still misuses his powers and positions to defraud Ivory. 

But what we simply still do not understand is WHY Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and his colleagues can NOT yet be granted our constitutional rights as Ivory is still a Major Creditor who needs to amicable be granted his constitutional rights to sit down face-to-face with the Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Finance Minister and or with the Hon. Prime Minister for us to then be able to make balanced and amicable commercial settlement decisions with each other about how too in good faith be able to commercially settle in restitution of Ivory's Property.

Given that Kenneth-Clyde Ivory's INVENTIONS which were Patent Protected in 93 Peace Treaty Countries has by Public Funded third party predatorily been boycotted and sabotage unjustly and unlawfully to intentionally deprived and defraud Ivory out of having his Solar-Mesh Businesses and his intellectual property through-absolutely-no-fault-of-Ivory but by the maladministration of the revolving governments of the day.  Why is that each new Government aids and abets in concealing crimes of prior Governments? 

That not fit for purpose 1800 777 592 number has cost Me Kenneth-Clyde Ivory the LOSS of My INVENTIONS Patent Protections  in 93 Peace Treaty Countries as a result of our past Government's unconscionable wrongdoings and misconduct. Which White-Collar-Crime is misconduct that was and still is being politically condoned as was constantly perpetrated by past and present revolving Cabinet-Members who Deceitfully and Tactically concealed from the MARKETS and from INVESTORS Globally the fact that the Commonwealth's of Australia's Telstra one (1), two (2) and three (3) Share Float's purported Public Offer Document  Disclosures Prospectuses are not only discriminately false, misleading and deceptive, but, also did and still do unlawfully and fraudulently fail to disclose the outstanding and still accruing Restitution which is owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory the herein fully outstanding CoT Victim.

The past and present Government's of the day have failed in their constitutional intrinsic duty of care to YET be able to explain to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory why Eight (8) other totally independent Casualties of Telstra Victim's were National Party discriminately chosen to each be commercially settled in restitution of their Property in 1999 to 2003 and why I am still being discriminated against in 2016 Twenty-Two (22+) Years after first being labelled & branded as a CoT Victim through absolutely no-fault-of-my-own whatsoever. 

The Telstra 1 public offer CoT liability disclosures are false, misleading and deceptive disclosure made by falsely alleging that there were only Five (5) still outstanding unpaid CoTs totalling only = $27.7 Million Dollars still owing between the CoT Five (5).  Thereby the Telstra 1 disclosures are dishonestly false, misleading and deceptive designed to MISLEAD THE MARKETS and INVESTORS!

http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/Vict/22-23/63/section/5                                                                                  The British Ascertainment Act 1859

Interpretation of Terms:

In the construction of this Act, the word “action” shall include every judicial proceeding instituted in any court, civil, criminal, or ecclesiastical; and the words “Superior Courts” shall include, in England, the Superior Courts of Law at [F1the Royal Courts of Justice], F2... the Lords Justices, the Master of the Rolls or any Vice Chancellor, the Judge of the Court of Admiralty, the Judge Ordinary of the Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, and the Judge of the Court of Probate; in Scotland, the High Court of Justiciary, and the Court of Session acting by either of its divisions; in Ireland, the Superior Courts of Law at [F3Belfast], the Master of the Rolls, and the Judge of the Admiralty Court; and in any other part of Her Majesty’s dominions , the Superior Courts of Law or Equity therein.

PLEASE NOTE: This below quoted Act Section 10 Effect of expression "public notary: Is moreso applicable to the real Notary Publics who were properly Constitutionally Appointed directly under the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury's: Court of Faculties Head Office at:  1 The Sancturary, Westminster, situated in London, England in the United Kingdom.   

                                                                                                           Authorised Version No. 012
                                          Public Notaries Act 2001
                                                                                                                        No. 52 of 2001
                                                                                       Authorised Version incorporating amendments
                                                                                                                       As at: 1 July 2015

                                           10 Effect of expression “public notary”
For the avoidance of doubt, it is declared that -
                                          (a) a holder of the office of public notary has
                                                 the same powers, authorities, duties and
                                                 functions as a holder of the office of notary
                                                 public or public notary had immediately
                                                 before the commencement of this Act; and
                                         (b) nothing in this Act effects the validity or
                                                 operation within Victoria of a notarial act
                                                 duly done outside Victoria.
                                                                                                         Authorised by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel

4 Eligibility for appointment

   (1) A person cannot be appointed as a public notary unless the person -

          (a) is a natural person; and
          (b) is an Australian lawyer; and
          (c) subject to section 5(7), has held for a period
                of 5 Years an Australian practising certificate
                authorising the person to engage in legal
                practice as a principal; and
         (d) has completed, to the satisfaction of the
                Victorian Legal Admissions Board, a course
                of study related to notarial practice approved
                by that Board. 

   (2) A person cannot be appointed as a public notary
          unless the Victorian Legal Administration Board is
          satisfied that the person is a fit and proper person
          to be a public notary.     

                                                                   Irrevocable Prerogative Writ of Commands
                                   Bills Exchange Act 1909 (Commonwealth) and for Addressee’s Performance of Judiciary Act 1903 (Commonwealth) Section 66.
                                        Schedule: For onshore enforcement and also valid for foreign registration and enforcement   
Geelong, Victoria                                                                                                                                                                                                        Writ No: H.R.M – 01204102                                                  


1.   This Court hereby commands that these Irrevocable Prerogatives as herein awarded within this Writ are irrevocable Royal 
       Prerogative commands for restitution hereby awarded and hereby commanding for the Addressee and for its officers, Cabinet
       Ministers, Executive Councillors, agents and subordinates to each fully comply with the commands given and awarded herein
       forthwith and in good faith as well as in compliance with Ministerial Oaths of Allegiance given to Her Majesty from when forming the
      Commonwealth of Australia’s current Government of the day and when forming the Cabinet and the Executive Council in 2013; and

      a. the Addressee is to comply forthwith upon legal service of this Writ being deemed effected on the Addressee by mail posted via its
           Finance Minister; and

      b. to whomever else these commands shall come, are to fully adhere to and comply with these irrevocable and binding commands for
           immediate restitution by way of ensuring that the Addressee satisfies the Sum Certain that is to be fully paid to the Beneficiary by
           way of Reserve Bank of Australia Cheques (“RBA Cheques”) made-out irrevocably payable to the full and complete satisfaction of
           the Beneficiary under the irrevocable full faith and credit of the Addressee.


2.   The Commonwealth of Australia is the Addressee within this Irrevocable Prerogative Writ of Commands which is extraordinarily
       akin to being also a Writ of Error and a Writ of Execution and thereby the Addressee is hereby irrevocably commanded to perform in
       full compliance by immediately satisfying the commands of enforcement as hereon endorsed and as awarded and commanded
       herein by this Prerogative Court against the Addressee for full and immediate compliance via its agents, subordinates, acceptor
       bank tellers, and or via its political officers’ own hands.


3.   This Court Verifies and Certifies that Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is the Holder of a 7th February 2005 duly issued bill of exchange as per
       the sealed copy accepted via the hand of the Hon. Senator Helen Coonan as the Portfolio Minister and as the then Major Telstra 
       Shareholder for the Commonwealth of Australia (the “Addressee”) in Canberra, A.C.T situated within the Commonwealth of
       Australia, when the Bill’s sealed copy was also successfully delivered by Kenneth-Clyde Ivory (the “Beneficiary”) on 8th February
       2005 direct to the Addressee via Minister Coonan.

4.   Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as the Holder of the above said Bill and of its 2nd December 2013 successful Protest and of its 2nd December
       2013 successfully Protested Set of Commercial Instruments which are referred to as the “Bill” inclusive with a copy of the Bill’s
       'independent accountant’s loss, injury and damage, in the independent loss assessment report’ (being in total the then “Principal
       Debt Sum”) that was back then the then Sum Certain and a true copy thereof was on the 7th February 2005 sealed and combined
       within the Bill, a full copy of the then issued in part Bill was back then served by the hand of the herein Beneficiary when hand-
       to-hand mutual delivery to the Addressee from the Beneficiary officially took place on the 8th February 2005.


5.   This Court awards and commands that Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is the hereby successful Beneficiary of this Irrevocable Writ and of its
       irrevocable commands as awarded full current Sum Certain as is herein below stated and is to be paid direct to the Beneficiary as is
       hereby commanded by this Court of Jurisdiction against the Addressee, commanding hereby for the Addressee to immediate and
       honourably perform in good faith by and for and on behalf of the Addressee by fully satisfying the herein below stated current Sum
       Certain from and out of monies that are legally available to the Addressee to satisfy this public debt’s current Sum Certain direct to
       the Beneficiary by way of irrevocable RBA Cheques; and

        a.  this Court’s jurisdiction is also pursuant to the bills of exchange act, and does hereby award and commands that the Bill’s
              Sovereign Public Debt’s total combined current Sum Certain as set-out below is to be fully satisfied immediately by the
              Addressee by way of irrevocable RBA Cheques to be made out to and also to be paid direct to the Beneficiary before
              Maturity Date expiry of 4 PM on the 11th March 2014; however

         b. it is also hereby commanded that the Bill and the validity of this Writ pertaining to the Bill remains legally binding and will
              not and does not expire until the Addressee has first irrevocably fully satisfied this entire and still accruing fully unsettled
              CoT or CoT-related sovereign public debt that is to be fully satisfied by way of RBA Cheques and is to be paid irrevocably
              to the full satisfaction of the Beneficiary; and

          c. it is Commanded that the below stated current Sum Certain is to be fully satisfied and irrevocably paid to the Beneficiary
               by way of three (“3”) individually written and drawn RBA Cheques that are to be paid-out from monies that are legally
               available to the Addressee and or to its Future Fund as its Future Fund’s funds are the Addressee’s financial guarantor
               and the RBA Cheques are to each be drawn and made payable in good faith by the RBA and each of the RBA’s three (3)
               Cheques are to made out to be irrevocably payable to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory (the “Beneficiary”) as it is hereby commanded
               that the Bill‘s Sum Certain is to be paid via the RBA as the RBA is irrevocably the acceptance bank for the Addressee:

Cheque 1 for 7/02/2005 - Bill of Exchange Principal Debt Sum =                                         AUD Deleted for Protection
Cheque 2 for Interest from 9.03.2006 to 9.02.2014 =                                                                 AUD Deleted for Protection
(Principal debt & accrued interest combined Subtotal): =                                                           AUD Deleted for Protection
Cheque 3 for Fully-Franked-Dividends 23/09/2006 to 09.02.14 =                                    AUD Deleted for Protection
ABOVE COMBINED currently owing Sum Certain =                                                                     AUD Deleted for Protection

          d. thereby the combined total current Sum Certain payable forthwith is DELETED FOR PROTECTION PURPOSES in Australian
               Currency that is hereby commanded to be fully satisfied forthwith as above commanded by way of three (3) separate RBA
               Cheques as per the three (3) amounts itemised above; and

          e. it is also hereby irrevocably commanded for the total Sum Certain to be fully and irrevocably satisfied fully free of and thereby
               fully exempted from all taxes, all duties, charges, and without any fees or deductions whatsoever being charged at all to the
               Beneficiary as is already duly authorised by or for the Addressee when officially approved via the Addressee’s Finance
               Department on the 23.09.2008; and

          f.  it is also commanded that if any impediments have been recorded adversely on any public or on any corporate financial records
               or on any other court’s records against or in the name of the Beneficiary the Man or Corporately whatsoever it would have
              maliciously occurred resultant from the Beneficiary having been unconscionably made and politically forced and named as being
              a CoT or CoT-related victim, therefore the Addressee’s current Prime Minister via his Attorney-General is hereby commanded to
              have any adversely recorded impediments irrevocably and fully expunged forthwith as if they never occurred as that is part of
              these herein commanded restitutions, as any such financial or court recorded impediments if they do exist or if they have existed
              then they would have been maliciously and criminally procured by wilful misuses and abuses of the Addressee’s public funds to
              further defame, injure, sabotage, boycott and to maliciously keep defrauding and injuring the Beneficiary to try and conceal and
              to try to avoid paying this sovereign public debt’s current Sum Certain, created solely by the corrupt lawyers and law firms
              involved in defrauding the Beneficiary (“the Man”) and corporate reputations.


It is therefore commanded hereby that a true photo copy of this Writ of this Court is to be legally served addressed to the Addressee and served on it via EXPRESS POST service via the Finance Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia the Hon. Senator Mathias Cormann addressed to his electoral office and or alternatively to his Parliament House Suite address and that legal service photo copy is to be addressed and posted by the hand of the Beneficiary into any Australia Post - Yellow Postal Box and the Minister is to table that copy in the very next Cabinet Meeting for full payment to be immediately Cabinet appropriated and arranged via the RBA:

THE ADDRESSEE IS THE:         Commonwealth of Australia (“CoA”- the Bill’s “Debtor Party”)
MINISTER RESPONSIBLE:       Minister for Finance the Hon. Senator Mathias Cormann
BILL’S ACCEPTOR BANK:        Addressee’s Acceptor Bank is the Reserve Bank of Australia
DATE OF COMMANDS:            Issued hereby in Geelong, Victoria, on 18th February 2014
WRIT MATURITY DATE IS:      Before 4 PM on Tuesday March 11th 2014
WRIT DEBT TO BE PAID:          In the Currency of the Commonwealth of Australia (“AUD”)
CURRENT SUM CERTAIN:       The total current Sum Certain is: AUD Deleted for Protection
WRIT BENIFICIARY:                     Kenneth-Clyde Ivory (he is also the Bill’s “Creditor Party”)
DEBT PAYMENT DETAILS:      Kenneth-Clyde Ivory - Deleted for Protection.


7.   The reasons for this extraordinary and irrevocable writ of commands are additionally resultant from the tacit acquiescence and tacit
       acceptance given by the Addressee seeing its 2013 elected Prime Minister, Treasurer and Finance Minister were each served by
       Express Post after they had been sworn-in under their Oaths of Allegiance given to Her Majesty but each Ministerially remained
       silent and thereby they Ministerially chose in good faith to not rebut or to dispute by not responding with any sworn Ministerial
       rebuttals to the Beneficiary’s 9.10.13 sworn document headed ‘A Verified Plain Statement of Facts’ that is Commonwealth DFAT
       legalised as being Public Document No. M00095684 as was officially sworn by the Beneficiary under oath before this Court; and

       a.  also resultant by the Addressee and the former government’s Ministerial contempt of this Court and of Her Majesty’s authority
             invested in this Court and of the jurisdiction given to this Court in this bill of exchange debt matter through the said bills of
             exchange act which public service ingrained treasonous contempt and dishonourable culture of the past is still being evidenced by
             the Addressee’s default and failure to have the Addressee perform in compliance with this Court’s 2.12.13 issued and duly sealed
             ‘Notarial Certificate of Protest’ that is Commonwealth DFAT legalised as Public Document No. M00097795.

8.   Thereby the prerogative of justice herein commanded is based on the facts that the Beneficiary of the Bill and its set of commercial
        instruments is still an outstanding Casualty of Telstra (CoT or CoT-related) victim since about the 1st November 1993 forward
        being from well before the Bill came into effect in February 2005 and who has been boycotted and sabotaged by serious acts of bad
        faith due to competing loyalties within the public service, and within their public funded agents’ and servants legal firms’ involved
        who acted criminally and with gross competing loyalties, thereby the Beneficiary is discriminately and unconscionably still and is
        currently the only remaining fully unsettled CoT or CoT-related public debt as is still fully owing by the Addressee to the
        Beneficiary; also

        a.   is still unsettled resultant by corporate, political, public service and legal profession criminal and constructive frauds publically
              funded over many years that resulted in and are thereby resultant from the Beneficiary discriminately and unconstitutionally
              having been wilfully omitted and denied his constitutional right by having NOT been included and invited to give evidence to and
              before the 24th June 1997 Senate Estimates Committee Enquiry held into Telstra’s 1995/96 Annual Reports and into settled
              and unsettled CoT and CoT-related matters; and

       b.   this irrevocable Writ is therefore constitutionally a case of right and the Addressee is hereby commanded to pay this public
              debt’s Sum Certain and which payment obligation owing by the Addressee is hereby now a Commanded duty of the Addressee to
              perform and fully satisfy this public debt forthwith.

9.   This Court commands that a true copy of this Writ is all that needs to be served by the Beneficiary for immediate payment to be fully
        paid by the Addressee by way of RBA Cheques as full proof of the matters and instruments referred to herein or too whomever else
        these commands and awards may concern onshore and or offshore.


10.   I am this Court of Jurisdiction’s GARNET STEWART FIELDING of 33 Retreat Road, Newtown, Victoria, and by Royal Authority, I
          am duly authorised, admitted, sworn and practising as a Notary Public in the Greater City of Geelong, in the State of Victoria,
          situated within the Commonwealth of Australia, and DO HEREBY CERTIFY AND ATTEST that my Notarial Appointment
          commenced in 1984 when commissioned as a public officer of this Court Constituted by Law and by Royal Authority for life, when
         appointed by the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury’s Court of Faculties at Westminster as a Notary Public and thereby commissioned
         as an official judicial officer of this Court hereby acting for and on behalf of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, Lawful
         Sovereign and Head of State of the Commonwealth of Australia (the “Crown of Right”) commissioned to practice in this Court of
         Jurisdiction for and as one of Her Majesty’s Notary Publics.

11.  Thereby in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and also pursuant with this Court’s
         Prerogative Jurisdiction encompassed within the Court of Faculties entrusted medieval but still binding special powers, and under
         the authorisation designated within the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Commonwealth), I DO IN FAITH AND TESTAMONY in the
         State of Victoria, and have below duly subscribed my name and have set and affixed this Court’s Official Seal in Geelong by the
         Royal Authority invested in this Court with Royal Prerogative authority and therefore herein and hereon I have in good faith
         irrevocably issued my Prerogative Writ Commands for and on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Lawful Sovereign
         and Head of State of the Commonwealth of Australia, on this eighteenth (18th) day of February in the Year of Our Lord two
        thousand and fourteen:
                                                                   GARNET STEWART FIELDING
                                                                                  NOTARY PUBLIC
                                                                          GEELONG, AUSTRALIA    

Note: The above Notary Public is a properly appointed Notary Public via the HEAD OFFICE of the: Court of Faculties, in Westmister. 

                                                                    Australian Civil Authority

STATEMENT in the matter of:                                                                                                                                                                     Place: Werris Creek. [Assembly]
JENNIFFER KOENIG                                                                                                                                                                                         Date:  8 October 2010
ALICE SPURGIN       the Defendants

Name:         Australian Civil Authority
Address:    PO Box 65 Werris Creek NSW 2341                                                                                                                                                                                  STATES:-

1. This statement made by the Australian Civil Authority accurately sets out evidence which the Australian Civil Authority would be
      prepared, if necessary, to give in Court as a witness.  The statement, to the best of knowledge and belief is true and is made knowing
      that, if it is tendered in evidence, the Australian Civil Authority shall be liable to prosecution if wilfully stating anything which is
      known to be false or do not believe to be true.

2. The three (3) Defendants, Koenig, Asome and Spurgin were and are employed as Commonwealth of Australia Public Servants, with
     the Department of Finance and Deregulation situated at PARKS in CANBERRA AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY.

3. On Monday 23 February 2009, each of the three (3) Defendants did wilfully sign their names to Misleading and Deceptive Affidavits,
     knowing the Affidavits to be False, with Koenig and Asome attaching identical forged and uttered, bogus annexure to their purported
     affidavits, with now sworn oath or affirmation given and allegedly witnessed and signed by Spurgin, who falsely claimed that she was
     a licensed practising Legal Practitioner. It has been verified by the Court Registrar that Spurgin was not registered with the Canberra
     Supreme Court in the Australian Capital Territory, nor could she as according to law, validly act as an affidavit witness.

4. The False, Misleading and Deceptive Affidavits were tendered at the IVORY –v- TELSTRA trial in the BRISBANE FEDERAL
     MAGISTRATES COURT OF AUSTRALIA to bolster Court Evidence and to mislead Justice Wilson on Friday 27 March 2009.

5. The annexure attached to the affidavits of Koenig and Asome and, who both testified in Court by video link-up from Canberra, that
     the Certificate No: CoA – 8002932 dated Tuesday 23 September 2008, signed by Koenig and Asome as a ‘Departmental Copy’ and
     was annexure to their Monday 23 February 2009, affidavits as such.

6. Evidence has been revealed and shows that the Certificate No: CoA – 8002932 dated Tuesday 23 September 2008, could not have
     been a ‘Departmental Copy’ retained on that date as stated and attached as annexure “C” and “A” concurrently to Koenig and Asome

7. Affidavits due to the fact of certain occurrences the following day.It was Wednesday 24 September 2008, when a copy of the
     Original Certificate was certified by AUTHUR BILLINGTON a Justice of the Peace, No: 391 in Canberra to be a true copy, and the
     Wednesday date 24 September 2008, was entered onto the Certificate.

8. The Australian Civil Authority is of the belief, that there exists a prima facia case of perjury against the three (3) Defendants from
     Canberra, who signed affidavits prepared in Brisbane knowing them to be false, so as to mislead Justice Wilson and pervert the
     course of justice in the Brisbane Magistrates Court of Australia.

9.   The near identical in form and substance affidavits, were hastily prepared by Practitioners acting for Telstra in Brisbane then
       transferred to Canberra, where, purportedly on Monday 23 February 2009, the affidavits were separately signed by both Koenig   
       and Asome and fraudulently witnessed by Spurgin, so as to be filed and served in time for the Friday 27 March 2009, Brisbane Court

10. No photo copy whatsoever of the Certificate No: CoA – 8002932, certified on Wednesday 24 September 2008, was ever retained
         by KOENIG or ASOME for the Canberra Department of Finance and Deregulation on Tuesday 23 September 2008, as a
         ‘Department Copy’, as was stated in the two (2) falsely prepared affidavits signed by KOENIG and ASOME.

11. This matter has a long history, with an element of scandal throughout.  It is public knowledge that the Practitioners acting for and on
         behalf of Telstra and with its influence was able to wrongfully arrest Mr. Ivory on 23 December 1996, a crime committed in offence
        of 3ZT of the Crimes Act 1914 (Clth) in his pursuit for compensation from the Commonwealth of Australia as a longstanding
        Casualty of Telstra (CoTs) victim.  In April 1999, the Federal Senate Estimates Committee’s findings were handed down in relation
        to five (5) other CoTs victims, who were reported to have been paid $15 million in loss, injury and damage in accordance with the
        Senate enquiry and findings into the CoTs Victims Compensation Claim against Telstra.

12. Mr. Ivory is still today an outstanding commercially unsettled CoTs victim, which is the reason for these ongoing harrowing Court
        and bogus proceedings, instigated under the watch by the then Telstra’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Zygmunt (Ziggy) Edward
        Switkowski against Mr. Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.
Please Note:
The original of this Witness Statement has been officially sealed by the
Great Seal of the AUSTRALIAN CIVIL AUTHORITY – Liberty to all People. 

But a scanned copy of it was unable to be attached to this Web Site: www.cabinettactics.com so it had to be re-typed directly herein.


                                                    Extrinsic Fraud & Intrinsic Fraud 
    Both Crimes were Perpetrated by misuses & abuses of Commonwealth Public Funds  

It is very sad and is also a very 'Suspicious Transaction' that by Politically HAND PICKED and Appointed Telstra officers of the Commonwealth did strategically retain and seconded on about the 15 May 1994 in abuse of Public Funds STEPHEN JOHN MEAD via Mallesons Stephen Jaques partner and Chairman Stanley Howard (a brother of now former Prime Minister John Winston Howard MP).

MEAD then wilfully perpetrated Extrinsic Frauds due to the 1800 prefix systemic faults collateral liability circumstances hence Extrinsic Frauds were preditorily perpetrated with premeditated criminal intent and those Extrinsic Frauds and Criminality resulted in Intrinsic Frauds then being wilfully falsely, bogusly and fraudulently perpetrated by criminality of  one key pepetrating and competing and conflicting dual income officers of the Commonwealth on the 23 December 1996 and which White-Collar-Crimes were wilfully followed-up by others being induced into aiding and abetting  to conceal those crimes as did the legal practitioners and Queens Counsel involved by then committing Intrinsic Frauds to dishonestly cover-up and conceal the 23 December 1996 crimes, then in 2009 by three (3) more officers of the Commonwealth wilfully perjuring themselves on the 23 February 2009 as detailed above Witness Statement given by and from the Australian Civil Authority.

All of the perpetrators unlawful inducements were fraudulently perpetrated to also dishonestly aid and abet in concealing how three (3) State of Queensland Judges in the State's Court of Appeal in 2002 colluded with and to protect the State's moonlighting retainer bribed Solicitor-General who they each had found had definitely misled the trial judge in 2001 and then one (1) Federal Magistrate in 2009/10 was induced to aid and abet in concealing and covering-up those earlier judges crimes and so did a Federal Court Judge in 2010. Each corruptly became implicated in aiding and abetting in concealment and avoidance of those collateral circumstances such as:

           * Fraudulent acts which kept Kenneth-Clyde Ivory from obtaining information about his rights to enforce his rights and prevented him
              being able to fund defending against bogus law suits.  Telstra officers of the Commonwealth also falsified its records and destroyed
              evidence and engaged in misleading & deceptive conduct to prevent Telstra and its officers being capable of being successfully sued.

The Etrinsic Frauds also involved Collateral Liability Avoidance Tactics and Deflection of Circumstances, by their acts of:  

          * Bribery or Inducment of Judges and of the competing and conflicting loyalty Queens Counsel and that Public Funded Retainer Bribed
             QC the now former Solicitor-General of the State of Queensland has since been corruptly politically rewarded by political Cabinet
             Member status and salary increased judicial elevations firstly in 2005 by the State of Queensland being elevated to its Court of Appeal
             replacing the judge he replaced when made the Solicitor-General who acted corruptly in 2002 to protect him and the in 2010 when by
             Kevin Rudd PM was elevated to the Federal Court Judiciary and then further rewarded by Julia Gillard PM to become a High Court

            The other two (2) 2002 corrupted State of Queensland Appeal Court Justices one was formerly an articles clerk in the
             State's Solicitor-General's office then its prosecutor and the third judge she was formerly an articles clerk at Ruth Freezling in
             Brisbane under the 2002 State's moonlighting Solicitor-General and she was also at the same time an articles clerk under the MSJ
             senior partner when he was also starting out as a lawyer also at Ruth Freezlings in Brisbane.    = Insidious Corruption at the top!

             So we had undisclosed gross conflicts of interests and corruptly competing and conflicting loyalities in a judicially stacked
             purported court back n 2002.

Furthermore that above referred to MSJ partner acting for TELSTRA & MEAD was thereby a fellow lawyer at Ruth Freezling's law firm as a work mate with the now High Court Judge.  All resulted in not just Suspicious Transactions but resulted in them collectively acting in concert to deceive and fraudulently pervert and defeat the course of justice for collateral rewards, and resulted in them implicated in fraud on the Courts and fraud by the Courts:
          * including but not limited too fabrication of evidence by attorney's;

          * preventing IVORY'S witnesses from appearing;

          * intentionally failing to join other necessary parties; and

          * misleading another party into thinking they need to perjure themselves to aid and abet in concealing their attorney's crimes.     

Scales of Justice when stacked & rigged by weighing down on one side = An imbalance of Powers!
Corrupt Political, Judicial & Legal profession bias and prejudice, occurs by them having no separations of powers, so as to by white-collar-criminality to control, pervert & defeat the course of Justice as has has willfully occurred in this Casualty of Telecom (CoT) matter in the politically stacked and rigged corporate courts from late 1999 to 2010 which purpoprted court matters were basically pre-decided from before setting foot in Stacked & Rigged unconstitutional corporate Courts, Court Rooms within the Commonwealth of Australia,.

Coporate Court judicial corruption was and is alive & is doing very well to mask, hide, conceal & not reveal the extent of insider trading & market manipulation frauds having been committed in 1997, 1999 & 2006 Commonwealth Telstra share sales floats perpetrated by white-collar crimes involving Cabinet Members of the Crown & downwards.  = A corrupt imbalance of powers! Indeed unconstitutionally even the purported Governor-General has a faith that conflicts with the faith of the Crown.  So our Cabinet is unconstitutionally controlled by republican's, who have a conflicting faith to the constitutional doctorine of the Crown.      

We the sovereign People of Australia proclaim the creation of the
        Australian Civil Authority
           Liberty to all People

           PO BOX 66
          Werris Creek NSW 2341

           Harry Gibbs Commonwealth Law Courts Building
           Level 6
           119 North Quay
           BRISBANE QLD. 4000    

Dear Magistrate

                                                               RE: F.M.C. of Aust. File No:- (P) BRG of 2008.       IVORY -v- TELSTRA & MEAD.

Apart from the Australian Federal Police having been informed and the civil rights of citizens, Australian Civil Authority is now ascertaining by careful inquiry the perjury committed, elements of scandal, professional negligence and conduct in Court proceedings throughout this matter’s long history and stultified without any decision on the merits, or on the evidence of the parties, reputably not in the interests of justice because, the decisions involve an error of principle and an error of substantial justice, in order, as according to Rightful Australian Justice not pursuant to the Westminster Parliamentary System based on Christian Philosophy.

Whereby, in the circumstances it is in the public interest having regard to the nature of the evidence.

Yours sincerely
For and on behalf
Executive Council
April 1, 2009

c.c. Australian Federal Police  Spring Hill Qld. 4000
c.c. Mallesons Stephen Jaques
c.c. Kenneth-Clyde Ivory

                                                                                    The Australian Civil Authority member of the International Civil Authority.
                                                                                  Disclosure of correspondence, documents and investigations are open to transparency and public scrutiny.


 White-Collar Insider Trading & Market Manipulation Fraud - Is not subjected to Statutory of Limitations!
Criminal Law
Suspicious Transactions
Fair Play
As soon as our Kenneth-Clyde Ivory had been identified, labelled and branded internally as being a Commonwealth of Australia Casualty of Telecom - Telstra - ("CoT") Victim on about the 11 May 1994 resultant from the 008 prefix change-over to the new 1800 prefix systemic fault failed implementation date of the 1 September 1993 forward.

So ongoing for the now last Twenty-Two-Years (22+) Years of Public Fund Milking by dishonest lawyers commenced being paid to MSJ partnership and to other law firms as well via STEPHEN JOHN MEAD perpetrating his frauds to inflict undue lss, injury and damage on Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and to destroy the good name of: KENNETH CLYDE IVORY.

Those Public Funds were immediately misused by the MSJ partnership with no budget restraints.

So Public Funds were abused to defraud Kenneth-Clyde Ivory from about the 15 May 1994 forward FROM even before Telstra's officers of the Commonwealth had found the initial 1800 prefix systemic fault on the 31 May 1994, and therefore from even before resolving what the 1800 777 592 actual causes of the Prefix Systemic Fault's are and or were. 

That alone raises questions for the Attorney-General to investigate, but he is part of the legal profession's Queensland Ink White-Collar-Criminality, otherwise he as the HIGHEST LAW OFFICER in the Commonwealth of Australia would have got off his political hands years ago.

But he knows the culprits were the now former Liberal Coalition Party Prime Minister Mr. John Winston Howard MP (who himself was a MSJ Lawyer before Politics)  and whose own brother Stanley Howard was a Director and was the Chairman of the Mallesons Stephen Jaques ("MSJ") law firm partnership until 1995 when Stanley Howard retired.

So after Stanley Howard had colluded with David Hoare or visa-versa Hoare with Howard, and keeping in mind that David Hoare had been Politically selected & appointed to be the less than honest Chairman of Telecom - Telstra.

 Both Howard & Hoare had in-hindsight corruptly colluded with each other to set-out to keep defrauding and injuring Kenneth-Clyde Ivory via Stephen John Mead acting with competing and conflicting dual income dual hat positions contrary to law so as to conceal and avoid paying-out the public funding 1800 prefix systemic fault liability owing for the 1800 prefix systemic faults owing in restitution of Property which still fully Un-Paid Debt is thereby still accruing monthly and is still fully owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory in restitution of his Property deprived from Ivory alone with his Inventions Globally.

So in Mid May 1994 Howard & Hoare strategically and tactically seconded from the MSJ partnership a dishonest lawyer to be full time employed within Telstra.

So Howard & Hoare selected the extremely dishonest lawyer Stephen John Mead who was immediately strategically positioned in Mid May 1994 as being a full time Telecom - Telstra - employed officer of the Commonwealth to prediatorily & corruptly engage in CoT mishandling and in masterminding and planning their CoT Victim mishandling dirty trick tactics as premeditated unlawful fraud and theft as corrupt and unlawful acts of deception. 

Those CoT mishandling Dirty Trick Tactics were strategically designed to politically conceal and deflect attention away from the 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Liabilities.

Which systemic fault's largely needed fixing network-wide not just fixing on a 1800 prefix subscriber fault-by-fault-compliant-basis and that misconduct was also strategically designed to dishonestly avoid and to keep delaying from paying restitutution of Property to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and to his Solar-Mesh (R) businesses and to put them out of business for third party predatory reasons due to a very corrupt law firm. 

So INDICTABLE White-Collar CRIMES were masterminded and were then wilfully perpetrated by one very dishonest, STEPHEN JOHN MEAD.

While MEAD was criminally misacting as a White-Collar Telstra employed officer of the Commonwealth MEAD working full time within Telstra was then rewarded by being made a full time MSJ Partner from 1 January 2006 forward while still working full time in Telstra all resultant from MEAD having tactically 
made materially false and fraudulent misrepresentations perpetrated by and via MEAD against  Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and his businesses from about the 15 May 1994 forward.   Mead's first tactics was to admit and accept full liability for and on behalf of Telstra then six months latter deny it. That ploy by MEAD was perpetrated to with premeiated intent to with all telecommunications services not just the not fit for purpose 1800 number.

So then right at Christmas Time in December 1996 MEAD & MSJ both wilfully concealed that he (MEAD) was also a Partner in the law firm of Mallesons Stephen Jaques (MSJ) (now known as King & Wood Mallesons) from the 1st January 1996 while also a public funded dishonourable officer of the Commonwealth at the very same time. 

Hence MEAD'S own MSJ law firm partnership was acting for MEAD & TELSTRA when MEAD did on 23 December 1996 maliciously, falsely and criminally swear a Materially False Complaint and made fraudulent misrepresentations to and before one of Her Majesty's Magistrate's all while MEAD was in Brisbane Queensland while MEAD was up from Melbourne in Victoria to act in abuse of legal process.

Why did MEAD travel from Victoria to Queensland to wilfully swear a materially false Complaint prepared by the MSJ Partnership fabricated to unlawfully inflict a Wrongful Arrest in Deprivation of Human & Civil Liberties as a tactical smoke screen and in total abuse of legal process by MEAD having knowingly thereby perverted & defeated the course of justice EX-PARTE to get away with doing so. 

pre-pared  Materially False Complaint acting in breach of legal advice written from MSJ his MEAD'S own law firm partnership read by MEAD from inside Telstra as an officer of the Commonwealth. 

Which legal advice had been written to attempt to mislead and deceive so as to try and avoid having the MSJ Partnership from being directly held accountable for deliberately and unlawfully having acted collectively in concert with MEAD as an officer of the Commonwealth within Telstra and as a MSJ undisclosed partner which ploys were criminally, falsely and corruptly committed contrary to law via MEAD assisted by Jusine Anthony McDonnell of MSJ for financial rewards in total abuse of legal process, by misacting falsely, maliciously, dishonestly and totally fraudulently.

So MSJ wrote suggesting Stephen sign it by concealing that their Materially False Complaint was thereby still actually sworn by a MSJ Partner Stephen Mead who was also an officer of the Commonwealth.   = White-Collar-Crime!

But in 2016 MEAD now Twenty (20) odd Years on has still not yet been politically referred to be independently investigated, charged and or to YET be sentenced.

Despite MEAD'S 23 December 1996 White-Collar-Crimes which indictable crimes were strategically and unlawfully perpetrated by MEAD & by his MSJ Partners misacting maliciously, falsely, criminally and in total offence of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) Section 3ZT = An offences for making false statements in an application for a warrant.

Thereby MEAD & his MSJ Partners intentionally and falsely engaged in White-Collar-Crime as a powerful CARTEL and which serious MISCONDUCT was wilfully, tactically and very strategically engaged in to  deceitfully breach of the Tort of Fraudulent Misrepresentations and to pervert and defeat the course of justice on 23 December 1996 and ever since in this matter so as to keepon defrauding and destroying lives and causing premeture losses of life while they profited from the proceeds of their crimes for the last 22 years or so with Political consent in abuse of Public Funds.
The Commonwealth of Australia has no jurisdictional authority left as the various revolving parliaments have attempted to override the jurisdictional authority granted by The People of the Commonwealth under the Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia 1900 (UK) 63 & 64 Victoria Ch 12, by parliaments misusing a falsified purported constitution that has no bearing upon We the People of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Commonwealth Attorney-General as the Highest law officer within and of the Commonwealth of Australia was years ago and currently still is in 2016 obliged by law to 'investigate' or to have
'independently fully investigated' forthwith about the insider trading frauds of and by officers of the Commonwealth of Australia's  and or the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA'S pursuant to their Telstra 3 Share float and must undertake "due diligence" checks on the misconduct of the HOWARD COALITION GOVERNMENT and of it's CABINET MEMBER'S misconduct and actions and inactions .

So as to be able to ensure that they have not engaged in any wrongdoings or insider trading and market manipulation frauds.

Which officer of the Commonwealth misconduct has resulted in having been akin to a conspiracy that has resulted in them having in-effect by their collective misconduct ended up in financially having defrauded or inflicted addition cost on the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA and or the Commonwealth of Australia and or on We the People.

As well as having further defrauded Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as he is a discriminately still a politically handballed and thereby Ivory is still a fully outstanding CoT Victim and  to established if any of them politically have maliciously setting out to or resultantly have condoned crimes to and by unjustly having had the legal profession public funded to maliciously defame, defraud, injure, discredited and commercially destroyed the corporate name of KENNETH CLYDE IVORY for political collateral public debt avoidance tactics.
   Checks and Balances
   by Our Government?

NOTE: Telstra Corporation's Un-Elected officers of the Comonwealth as well as the  Commonwealth of Australia's Elected and Un-Elected officers of the Commonwealth as well as their Chief Financial Officers and Financial Advisory Firms plus all of their purported Auditors prior to and during the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, Telstra 2 and Telstra 3 purported Share Floats in 1996, 1999 & 2006 each had:

In place various and extensive systems of various Checks and Balances for internal control mechanisms designed to guard against fraud and errors due to public disclosure omission in particular for the Telstra 1, Telstra 2 & Telstra 3 purported Commonwealth Telstra Share Float's .

So the Telstra 1, Telstra 2 and Telstra 3 Public Disclosure ommissions from disclosure of this herein Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom - Telstra Victim's 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault and of their Predatory Tactical Boycotting and Industiral Sabotaged omitted but still accruing resitution of Property Liability which Public Debt is still a liability fully owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and thereby the Telstra 1, Telstra 2, and Telstra 3 one after the other consecutive share-float disclosure omissions  were therefore frauduantly and were unlawful criminality and which wrongdoings were crimes by collusively being ommitted and which still indictable crimes by Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth were in no way accidental mistakes those omnisions were to ensure that this CoT Liability was and is still fully omitted, which means it was deliberately and unlawfully ommitted  by dishonest acts of insider trading and market manipulation fraud and deception because:  

In all systems with checks and balances, the authority to make a decision, and the associated responsibility to verify its proper execution, is distributed among different departments and settled by Cabinet Members and by Telstra's Board.

These departments are kept logically and physically apart, and no one department can complete a transaction all on its own.

For example: The purchasing department orders goods, the stores-department receives and compares them with the respective purchase orders.

Then the quality assurance department inspects and verifies their quality.

But in this herein instance Minister Coonan accepted principal sun certain of the CoT debt owing to  Ivory as independantly quantified and set-out within the Bill of Exchange when Acceptance and Delivery succesfully occured on 8 February 2005 and also as since duly authorized. and Awared.

Then the Department of Finance accounts department (Jenni Koenig) sited and verified the 'invoice amount', and only then the financial comptroller (Tony Asome) authorized the payment for the purchase or in this instance for the Bill of Exchange Public Debt to be fully paid to: Kenneth-Clyde Ivory..

Cabinet- Tactics
In good faith herein is EXPOSING to You the People nationally and also globally as Each of You also have been politically and corporately fraudulently mislead and deceived which misconduct has increased the UNFUNDED growing Public Debt so as to be able to by default and by fraud simply Fund the Retirements of Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth all by Suspious Transactions without any scrutiny at all FUNDED at Each of Your and Your Children and Grandchildren's expences.

We have had enough of political & public serant's collective maladministration! 

We herein EXPOSING their Misconduct!

We at Cabinet - Tactics are a Casualty of Telecom - Telstra ("CoT") victims of the revolving Commonwealth Government's of the day from 1 September 1993 forward so We are herein have now EXPOSED political cheating  and defrauding of We the People. 

All was perpetrated by way of very Suspicious Transactions engaged during the lead-up, during and ever since the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, 2 and 3 purported Share Holding Floats, sleight of hand fraudulent financial conversions.

All was engaged in and perpetrated with a massive element of SCANDAL by Elected and Non-Elected trusted officers of the Commonwealth.

By those officers of the Commonwealth involved in the Telstra 1, 2 and 3 conversions of Public Assets called Telstra each  having intentionally and dishonestly committed unlawful and very seriously corrupt acts of INSIDER TRADING & CORRUPTLY UNLAWFUL & FRUADULENT ACTS OF DELIBERATE MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS committed by  involved Commonwealth of Australia Elected and Non-Elected officer's with the direct involvement of  the JOHN WINSTON HOWARD PM COALITION PARTIES GOVERNMENT'S implicated Cabinet Members. 

Whose thereby untrustworthy dishonourable Cabinet Member's each had first-hand knowledge but collectively chose to have wilfully omit making any true, full and or proper outstanding CoT financial liability disclosures as was perpetrated by and from  our past to present regularly revolving purported Prime Minister's downward from 1996 to present date and time in 2016. 

Thereby raising the serious questions of very SUSPISIOUS TRANSACTIONS:

1. Is the Commonwealth's Telstra 3 Float
     converted share funds going into the
     Future Fund a Suspicious Transaction?

2. With the Commonwealth's Telstra 3
     Float's remaining unsold off shares
     unconverted Commonwealth shares
    were technically then still owned by
    We the People when those 2006
    remaining shares were politically
    transferred to the assets of the Future
    Fund for conversion by the Future
    Fund into Legal Tender to be able to
    pay or fund  the  political retirement's of
    our already very well paid Elected and
    Un-Elected officers of the
    Commonwealth was those transactions
     in any way deemed to be Suspicious
     Transactions needing independent
     investigation to decided independently
     if constitutionally by transparent
     investigation of say by way of an
     independent  full blown Royal
     Commission Inquiry?

3. After the Commonwealth's Telstra 1
   and 2 purported Share Float's was it a
   Suspicious Transactions for David
   Hoare the dual hat Chairman of Telstra
   and also the Chairman of the MSJ Law
   Firm partnership from 1995 to 2000
   during the Telstra 1 and 2 Float's so
   was  not in fact a gross competing and
   conflicting loyalty for HOARE as the
   former dual hat Chairman all at the
   material times to then soon after the
   Telstra 2 float to then become
   strategically positioned into the running
   of the ASX Limited in the lead-up to and
   during the Commonwealth's  Telstra 3
   Float a seriously Suspicious Transaction
   designed to corruptly stack the running
   or misrunning of the ASX ready for the
   Telstra 3 Float?

4. After the Commonwealth's Telstra 1
    and 2 purported Share Float's was it
    then Suspicious Transactions for the

    Managing Partner of the MSJ 
    Partnership during the dubious
    Commonwealth's Telstra 1 and 2
    purported Share Float with MSJ having
    been the Legal Advisory Firm to officers
    of the Commonwealth who were the
    strategically politicilly chosen and
    politically appointed Board of Directors
    of Telstra , who were politically
    appointed over those years of the
    various boards of Telstra  and so was it
    a Suspicious Transaction for Tony
    D'Aloisio to be also appointed to assist
    David Hoare his former MSJ Partner to
    jointly run the ASX Limited in the run
    -up to and during the Commonwealth's
    purported Telstra 3 Share Float and
    remaining Telstra Share transfers?

5. After the Commonwealth's Telstra 1
     and 2 purported Share Float's and after

     the 9 October 2006 lodgement of the
     Commonwealth's Telstra 3 public
     disclosure purported but unsigned off
     prospectus had been lodged with the
     ASX was it Suspicious Transactions for
     weeks latter to have Tony D'Alosio
     be paid out many millions of Dollars to
     finish-up early at the ASX Limited and
     for Treasurer Peter Costello to then
     appoint Tony D'Alisio to run ASIC
     during the Telstra 3 float and after it,
     were they not also very Suspicious
     Transactions particularly with Peter
     Costello MP having been a MSJ lawyer
     himself before politics, was that not in
     reality the political insider white-collar
     crimes of strategically stacking of the
     ASIC & of the ASX Limited to corruptly
     keep concealing the unconstitutional
     irregularities and fatal flaws of the
     Telstra 3 purported Share Float?

Clearly our elected and or non-elected 'Federal' or 'Commonwealth' Members of Parliament and Senators within the Commonwealth of Australia who act or who have or who are currently misacting as OUR Law Makers do and or have continued to demonstrate too We the People that they themselves act or misact as if they tend to believe or misbelieve that they themselves do politically, publically and or personally do NOT need to comply with the Laws & Acts which others or which they make and or which they politically or publically are each meant to be ensuring to administer and to also be each still fully complying with at all material times.
Why is that the Howard Government  kept authorizing for Public Funds to be misspent on funding law firm(s) who before politics were  themselves MSJ lawyers specializing in all areas of law and associated matters?  

We understand that sometimes simple IMPARTCIAL legal advice can ensure that our elected politicians do fully understand all options available so they can make a balanced political decision about how to proceed.

But as lawyers by trade they politically do not need such legal advice from their law firm colleagues, when they most likely themselves were briefing for those law firms previous politicians. 

Such gross Competing and Conflicting Loyalties and ongoing scurrilous legal profession gross and corrupt Conflicts of Interest simply COST the Tax Payers.